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DCS TASC Prep Online Site Licensing

We can provide your organization with a site license for the DCS TASC Prep Online service. The site license will allow an unlimited number of students to register and use the DCS TASC Prep Online software for a one-year period. The site license is issued to one physical location. Multiple site licenses can be purchased if you have more than one physical site.

The license cost is $750.00 per year. Students can access DCS TASC Prep Online remotely if they wish to study from home.

License features include:
   — practice test grading and interactive practice lessons
   — renewable yearly
   — access to both the English and Spanish DCS TASC Prep versions
   — student tracking and administrator menu functions

To Order or Renew your site license, Click Here using a secure order form.

For more information about our site licensing, fill in this form. We will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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